H & H Sales Associates Inc. is a manufacturer’s representative to the petroleum, industrial and automotive markets.  As a representative agency we promote the products of the manufacturer, call on, recruit, and train distributors who sell, install and service equipment for these industries.  We also work directly with architects, engineers, government, national accounts and end users, on system design and the specification of equipment for these markets. With offices in Minnesota and Wisconsin, we cover the upper mid-west, including the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, North and South Dakota.

We are proud to represent the following manufacturers.

ARMOR PRODUCTS INC Kamlok® brand, manufactures a variety of  aluminum and brass Kamloks® cam and groove couplers, reducing couplers and adapters.  We can build orders to military specification and offer specialized services such as anodizing, hard coating and zinc plating. 

ECO-PURE  FUEL BLENDING SYSTEM An EcoPure system transforms used oil into clean, reusable fuel in one precise operation, Blended fuel reduces downtime, friction and wear on the engine. Blended fuel is recommended an approved by major diesel engine manufacturers including: Cummins, Caterpillar, Komatsu Detroit Diesel and Kohler.


HARVEY INDUSTRIES INC. Vehicle exhaust removal systems for Auto/Bus/Truck garages, welding shops, including overhead, spring rewind and motorized reels, rail systems, telescoping drops, in-floor, etc.

HIGHLAND TANK COMPANY Leading manufacturer of Oil/Water Separators, Oil/Sand Interceptors, Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Systems, above and below ground Steel Storage Tanks for gasoline and diesel motor fuels, heating oil, biofuel,s Grease Removal Devices, Gravity Grease Interceptors, Hydromechanical Grease Interceptors & Solids Strainers designed for removing fats, oils, and grease. Carbon and Stainless steel ASME Pressure Vessels, Atmospheric Water Storage Tanks and complete Greywater Recycling and Rainwater Harvesting Systems


MORGAN BROTHERS CO. Island forms, containment and standard pump boxes, guard post and steel curbing fascia.


PHILLIPS FUEL SYSTEMS INC.  Day tank sets, including, complete tank/pump sets, tanks, pumps, controls, Fuel transfer pump sets, transport off-loading equipment, remote fill systems, etc.


 PNEUMERATOR Liquid level Control Systems.  Tank monitoring systems, Tank level and pump controllers, Leak detection, etc. For fuel, gasoline or diesel, DEF, water, chemicals, etc.

REELCRAFT INDUSTRIES  Hose Reels for most applications including, petroleum, automotive, commercial, and industrial.  Maintenance shops, mobile truck mounted, DEF (deisel exhaust fluid/Urea), air, oil, grease,  water, fueling, welding, hydraulic, electric, light, grounding cable and many other applications.  High capacity hose and cable reels, petrochemical loading and unloading equipment.


TRANS-PURE  Continuous Cycle Oil Filtration For Load Tap Changer Enclosures.  Installation of a TransPure Unit has been proven to dramatically reduce coking at the contacts inside transformer load tap chargers. By reducing coke, carbonization and associated by-products as well as excessive gasses are reduced, thereby substantially increasing time between maintenance procedures.


ULTRA-PURE  International Fluid Solutions  Automated fuel cleaning/polishing and maintenance systems. Seven stage filtration and fuel maintenance for single or multi-tank applications.  Ideal for emergency standby generator fuel storage or interruptible service for boiler applications.

ROTH INDUSTRIES, INC.  UL 2258 Certified Double Wall Tanks for combustible liquids such as lube oils, waste oils, DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid). Unique double wall construction, inner tank is made of blow-molded, high-density, seamless polyethylene that is leak proof and will never corrode and outer tank made of weld-free galvanized steel, roll-seamed with oil and fire resistant seal.